Susan Friedman – Guest Contributor
Jul 29 2016
Zoe's Third Annual Lemonade Stand



Central Standard Time



The Grall Home
117 Green Acres Drive
Murphy, Texas 75094



6 ½ year-old Zoe Grall, who was born with spina bifida, has faced many challenges. She spends a lot of time in doctors’ offices, specialized feeding therapy, and physical and occupational therapy gyms, but her favorite therapy every week is the time she spends at Equest on her precious therapy horse, Crunchie. For her third year, Zoe, Crunchie, and Mini Ambassador Teddy (a miniature horse under 36” tall) will be hosting a Lemonade Stand (and hot dogs!) to help raise money for Equest tuition where she is a hippotherapy and sports riding client. All proceeds will go directly to Zoe’s Special Needs Supplemental Trust to pay for therapy and other additional medical needs that private insurance doesn’t cover.


Saturday, July 30, 11am – 2pm. Crunchie and Teddy will be onsite from 1pm – 2pm.


The Home of Zoe Grall – 117 Green Acres Drive, Murphy, TX 75094


Zoe Grall, parents Brooke and Jay Grall, Equest Instructor Shelby Nicoletti, family, friends, and neighbors

ABOUT EQUEST:              

Founded in 1981, Equest provides Therapeutic Horsemanship activities and therapies to children and adults with physical, cognitive, sensory, coping and learning disabilities. The services provided include veteran programs, physical and occupational therapy, equine facilitated counseling, therapeutic carriage driving, therapeutic sports riding and competition. With the help of 45 therapy horses, 12 instructors, four therapists and 400 volunteers, lives are changed on a daily basis for more than 1,200 clients served annually.  Equest was the first PATH International Accredited Center in Texas and remains one of the largest in the country.  Equest offers an engaging volunteer program that provides 40,000 hours of direct program service opportunities each year. Equest was named “2015 Non-Profit of the Year” by CNM Connect. 


In the past, friends from near and far have wanted to support Zoe. Checks made payable to “Zoe Grall Supplemental Needs Trust” and mailed to 117 Green Acres Drive, Murphy, TX 75094.